These images depict representative samples of the merchandise available. All individual items are subject to previous sale. Contact Moonwise Mystic by submitting the contact form on this website for availability and current stock and with any questions or custom order requests. Current stock on hand can also be seen on my shop page,  and my Facebook page,

Current merchandise and additional information about me and my services can also be found on my Facebook page and my Instagram pages. The links are below.

Quartz Crystals and Tumbled Stones

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Moonwise Mystic has a variety of quartz crystal points, clusters, wands, and tumbled stones available for purchase.

Leather and Cloth Bags

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These cow leather or deerskin pouches are perfect for crystals, Tarot cards, or medicine bags. The cow leather  bags are hand decorated and painted. The deerskin pouches are hand made then adorned with crystals, stone beads, or feathers.Each one is unique. The cloth bags are drawstring bags made of luxurious velvet or satin. They are large enough for a Tarot deck.

  Crystal and Stone Jewelry, Wiccan Pendants

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Moonwise Mystic carries specialty  jewelry featuring crystal points or stones.  We also carry some Wiccan imagery silver pendants.

Magical, Mystical, Tools

The feather fans are created with the intention to be ritual tools. The handles of the smudge fans are natural deer antler tips or padded handles wrapped in deerskin. The feathers are all natural.The pendulums are hand crafted with gemstone points and stone beads.  The Selenite blades are softly padded and wrapped with deerskin. They have many uses to direct energy  or in ritual settings. The natural quartz wands are selected for energy work  or ritual use. The chakra bags contain seven stones, one for each energy center. The small black bag of protective stones is intended to provide psychic protection and shielding from  negativity when ghost hunting or working in an environment with negative energy. The candle magic spell kits come  with all materials needed and complete instructions. There are kits for Prosperity and Money, Love and Romance, Spirit Communication and Meditation, and Overcoming Fear and Doubt. Custom kits can be ordered. The crystal grid kits are complete with a grid template, the appropriate crystals and  instructions. There are kits for Protection, New Job or Career, Money and Prosperity, Romance and Love, and Spirit Communication and Meditation. Custom grid kits can be ordered.

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 Smudge Sticks and Bundles

I have a variety of smudge bundles in stock. They are used for clearing, cleansing, purification, banishing negativity, preparing a space for ritual or meditation, and setting boundaries. The bundles pictured are, in the back, Blue Sage, from the left, Rosemary, Mugwort, White Sage, Yerba Santa, and Cedar. Palo Santo sticks are in the front of the shell.

Aura Portrait Coloring Book

This workbook is a guide to tapping your inner wisdom to address personal questions. Through the relaxing activity of filling in the designs with shapes, color, and symbols, answers will be revealed from your own higher guidance.