I offer Tarot readings, Reiki energy healing sessions  with quartz crystal therapy,  crystal bowl sound therapy sessions coupled with quartz crystals, and aura portraits complete with a reading. Please contact me with questions or  to schedule a reading, a healing session, or  an aura portrait. Tarot readings, aura  portraits, and Reiki healing sessions can be done in a Zoom meeting for long distant clients. Requests for scheduling can be sent with the contact form on this site. Requests can also be made by Direct Message on my Instagram page or through  Messanger on my Facebook page. The links are below.

Reiki and Quartz Crystal Healing Sessions

Rev. Aguilar sending Reiki energy to a client using quatz crystals

Reiki is a well known hands on healing system. It is noninvasive and is done fully clothed. It has the power to affect emotional as well as physical healing.  It is a helpful accompaniment to many other traditional therapies. A healing session is a pleasant experience that leaves the client energized and centered. As part of my Reiki sessions I place quartz crystals around the massage table and on the client to amplify and enhance the energy flow through the body. The crystals are chosen by their color and helpful properties to be  beneficial at that  particular  time.


Crystal Singing Bowls Therapy

The crystal singing bowls are used worldwide for meditation, relaxation, and personal well-being. A wide variety of professionals use them in health care and stress management. The bowls create a range of sounds to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of diseased and out-of-harmony parts of the mind, body, and spirit. Healing is initiated through training our brain waves to synchronize with the perfect resonance of the bowls. Their unique tones also create the perfect state for deep meditation and intuitive messages.

I surround the client with the chakra tuned bowls and create a sound bath of healing tones and vibrations to clear and energize the energy centers of the body. I accentuate this process with Reiki energy and quartz crystals placed on the body or in a grid pattern around the person.


Tarot Readings

tarot-cards laid out for an intuitive consultation reading

I use Tarot cards and my psychic ability to give my clients a clearer view of their situation, personalized advice, and an overview of the forces at work in their life.
My clients are empowered to face their challenges and create their own life consciously.

Like any other reader, I can only relate the energy and forces around you at the time. I can suggest courses of action and give you an idea what is likely to happen.
Keep in mind you always have free will to change your circumstances for the better or worse, usually within in the context of the situation discussed in the reading.

Aura Portraits

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These portraits are done with soft pastels and colored pencil. They reflect the clairvoyant information I receive as I work with each client.
I translate the information I receive into colors, shapes, and symbols that may reveal a person’s connection with their higher guidance, past lives, or relatives that have passed.
I may depict how they send or receive energy from others. I may also convey information about physical, emotional, or mental blocks or conditions. The information contained in the portrait is from the energy field around the person, and is being presented by their highest guidance as relevant for them at the time.
Nothing is ever evil or negative. In fact, problems often receive healing energy through the process of being depicted and acknowledged.
The completed portrait has multiple layers of meaning, and will seem to change as the client studies it. Some information is meant to be revealed only after meditation and study. It is for the client to discover all the portrait has to offer.

Here is a video interview in which I detail some of my metaphysical training and explain the process of creating an aura portrait. Check this site and the Metaphysical Empowerment Events website for the fairs I will be attending.  Currently, I attend  the Salem and Portland fairs. I am also available as part of Metaphysical Empowerment’s online fairs.

About My Services

My intuitive services are not  intended to replace professional legal advice, a doctor’s advice, or proper medical treatment. I will not diagnose any illness or recommend medical treatment. Readings on personal situations will touch on the issues at hand and reveal connections and energy patterns and suggest solutions and possible ways to resolve the situation. Ultimately, the decision on a course of action rests with the client. Each decision will affect the final outcome. All clients have free will and should take my input as a guide to clarity to  help decision making. The aura portraits are works of fine art.


All  energy healing and therapy sessions are $40.00 for half an hour and $75.00 for an hour. Each session includes time at the beginning to discuss any expectations or issues to be addressed, and time at the end to reground from the experience.

Aura portrait readings are $40.00 for a half hour reading.

I accept debit cards as well as cash for all services done in person. Payment is collected at the time of service. Readings conducted over the phone are paid in advance by Paypal. The reading is scheduled when payment is received.

Contact me for additional terms.

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